The Spring 2016 Dolphin log is now available for download

In this issue On the cover: Duke breaks the Polar Bear record! Spoiler alert: he did 400 miles. There is a fabulous cover photo by Peter Prato. Also: Pia Hinckle reports on how she overcame her fear of swimming, Christopher Heim advises on what not to do when your boat breaks apart while on the bay, […]


Dick Beeler Crazy Cove Results

May 5, 2016 The Dick Beeler Crazy Cove swim was divided into three courses, A= complete star, B= partial star, C= independent course. The Swim Commissioners have deemed the A and B courses sufficiently challenging to be qualifying swims for the Dolphin Club Alcatraz and Golden Gate swims: accordingly, swimmers in the A and B […]

Pier 39 Swim Results

April 10, 2016 Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, Jon Bielinski, Laura Burtch-Zovickian, Lowen Cattolico, Barry Christian, Gretchen Coffman, Brendan Crow, Jim Ebert, Michael Enright, Timothy Gilliss, Jon Grunstad, Terry Horn, Davis Ja, Virginie Jabbour, Jenn Jackson, Liz Kantor, Brian Kiernan, Meredith May, Grant Mays, Tom McCall, David McGuire, Jane Mermelstein, David Nettell, Joseph Omran, Holly Reed, John […]

Pier 39, Rain or Shine, Sunday, April 10

Pier 39 is Sunday, April 10. Rain or shine.  This is a quick swim, but it’s early to catch the huge ebb (4.4 knots). Registration: 5:00-5:45 AM, Pilot Briefing: 5:50 AM, Swim Briefing: 6:00 AM, Walk to Pier 39: 6:15 AM, Jump: 6:45 AM Current USMS dues, current DC dues, and 2016 swim fee required. […]

Yacht Harbor Swim Results

March 20, 2016 Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Todd Bloch, Barry Christian, Brendan Crow, Danny De Leon, Jay Dean, Marianne Dean, Tim Dumm, J.D. Durst, Cory Emerson, Michael Enright, Chris Heim, Terry Horn, Davis Ja, Jenn Jackson, Liz Kantor, Brian Kiernan, Gary Leong, Joe Marenda, Meredith May, Kent Myers, David Nettell, Rick O’Hara, […]