Temporary Halt in New Memberships

At their October 2015 meeting, the officers and Board of Governors of the Dolphin Club voted to stop accepting new members for a few months because of the rapid increase in membership in the past year. Please check back. We’ll post information about how and when you can join the club. Thanks for your patience.

Lou Marcelli 12 Hour Cove Relay Results

September 12, 2015 Phin Team 6 – 1st Place (24.3 Miles) Megan Wachs, Jari Salomas, Chris Tschinkel, Sam Vilain, John Hornor, Melia Vilain, Lisa Newman-Wise, Brendan Crow Humuhumunukunukuapuaa – 2nd Place (24.1 Miles) Peter Bartu, Hal Offen, Virginie Jabbour, Joseph Orman, Paul Irving, Kate Coleman, Neal Powers, Gabriella Cross, Rick David, Polly Rose, Alex Migovshov, […]