Under 30 Cove Results

Pilots Ken Frank, Terry Horn, Sergei Khorochev, Brian Kiernan, Miguel Melendez, David Zovickian Helpers Cynthia Barnard, Eileen Buckley, Alex Buehlmann, Judith Calson, Andrew Cassidy, Cynthia Colebrook, Nancy Friedman, Susanne Friedrich, Brian Gilbert, Byron Harbour, Tom Hunt, Joe Illick, Lorna Newlin, Tom Nuckton, Daragh  Powers, Neal Powers, Polly  Rose, Gina Rus, Eric Shupert Special Helper: Era […]

Sakura Myers


Dolphinclub goes to China Camp

A story photographed and written by Michael Kayton 3 rowboats left on a weekend excursion from the Dolphin Club to China Camp in the early morning hours of July 18. At China Camp there was a 1 mile swim, another recreational row and a cookout at the beach attended by many more Dolphins. A wonderful weekend […]

Under 30 Cove Swim, Sunday, July 27, Bring the Kids and Your Friends

Our annual Under 30 Cove Swim is Sunday, July 27.  This swim is open to members, their guests, and their families in their first three decades.  The water’s as warm as we’ve seen it in July, so bring down your friends  and kids who have always wanted to swim in the Cove.  We will have […]

Blue Envelope Fund

A work in progress The Blue Envelope Fund is designed to encourage DC camaraderie and athleticism while showing club support for individual competitors, and defraying some expenses in competitive events. Requests in this initial test will be limited to $500 or less, with no more than $5000 to be given out. The application period will be […]

Dick Beeler Crazy Cove Results

For the 2014 Dick Beeler Crazy Cove swim, the Swim Commissioners divided the swimmers into 9 teams, 7 of 3 swimmers and 2 of 4 swimmers, trying to make the teams as equal as possible by ability.  Then courses were established, with the teams determining which swimmers swam which course, while gathering trinkets from the […]


Joe Locke swims Farallones to GG Bridge

Today Dolphin Joe Locke became only the fourth swimmer to complete a solo Farallones crossing. Joe swam from the South Farallon Islands to the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in 13 hr and 58 min covering a straight line distance of 29.7 miles according to Evan Morrison, co-founder of the Marathon Swimmers Federation and the official observer on Locke’s swim. […]