Alcatraz Swim Results

September 10, 2016 Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, Eduardo Barranco, Jon Bielinski, Lowen Cattolico, Brendan Crow, Duke Dahlin, Jay Dean, Marianne Dean, Paul DuBois, Donald Harrison, Reuben Hechanova, Douglas James, Liz Kantor, Mike Kayton, Brian Kiernan, Eric Lam, Thea Liskamm, Anna Mackinnon, David McGuire, Grant Mays, Tom McCall, Miguel Melendez, Jane Mermelstein, David Nettell, Rick O’Hara, Joseph […]

Joe Bruno Golden Gate Swim Results

August 27, 2016 Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Barry Christian, Brendan Crow, Jay Dean, Marianne Dean, Anthony DuComb, Evelyn Fisher, Donald Harrison, Reuben Hechanova, Peter Hollingsworth, Davis Ja, Virginie Jabbour, Jenn Jackson, Liz Kantor, Brian Kiernan, Eric Lam, Thomas Lemmin, Gary Leong, Mary Magocsy, Joe Marenda, Tom McCall, Jane Mermelstein, Constantine Mittendorf, Andrea […]

Under 30/30 – Under 45 Swim Results

August 7, 2016 Several different courses were swum by our younger swimmers: Under 30 swimmers 30 – 44 swimmers Youth division Flag line   Group   Place           Time A              1         Matthew   Russell           0:22:29 A              2         Ben            Zovickian       0:24:02 A              3         Andrew      Willis             0:28:09 A              4         Caitlin       May                 0:35:30 A              5         Isabel        Friedman       0:36:14 […]

The “Commodore” is launched

The new single Whitehall “Commodore”, named in honor of Lou Marcelli, the beloved caretaker of the Dolphin Club, was launched Saturday afternoon, August 6th. The boat was christened, appropriately, with a splash of Martini by Lou’s sister, Frances Real and Lou’s long-time companion Cynthia Coppi, before being taken on her maiden voyage around the cove with […]