Pride Swim

June 19, 2016 The annual Pride Swim is a fun swim, so it is not timed, nor is the finish order captured. This year, all the swimmers who started the swim finished, and have been given credit for a qualifying swim toward the Dolphin Club Alcatraz and Golden Gate swims. All pilots and helpers likewise […]

Pride Swim is Sunday, June 19

The Pride Swim is Sunday, June 19.  South Enders are welcome to join us.  This is a short swim from Coghlan Beach, near the Golden Gate Yacht Club. Water is warm.  Flood is on.  And there are no timers.  So, enjoy yourselves and watch the scenery as the flood carries you home.  No DC annual swim […]

Crissy Field Swim Results

June 4, 2016 Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, Lindzy Bivings, John Blackman, Brendan Crow, James Dilworth, J.D. Durst, James Fahlbusch, Jill Fleming, Jim Frew, Jon Grunstad, Terry Horn, Lindsey Hoshaw, Davis Ja, Brian Kiernan, Tim Kline, Eric Lam, Mark Lenz, Tom McCall, Jane Mermelstein, Andrea Morgan, David Nettell, Rick O’Hara, Hal Offen, John Robiola, Lance Starin, Diane […]

Crissy Field is Saturday, June 4

Crissy Field is Saturday, June 4.  After Crissy, there are only 5 more DC sponsored swims to qualify for Alactraz and Golden Gate.  A good flood of 3.3 knots will take you home Saturday morning. Registration: 7:30-8:15 AM, Pilot Briefing: 8:25 AM, Swim Briefing: 8:35 AM, Walk to Boats: 8:45 AM, Jump: 9:30 AM To […]

Bay Bridge Swim Results

Saturday, May 28, 2016 Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, David Bennett, John Blackman, Lowen Cattolico, Brendan Crow, Jay Dean, J.D. Durst, Stuart Gannes, Jon Grunstad, Terry Horn, Nancy Hornor, Davis Ja, Liz Kantor, Brian Kiernan, Gary Leong, Thea Liskamm, Joe Marenda, Jane Mermelstein, Andrea Morgan, Rick O’Hara, Luca Pozzi, John Robiola, Lance Starin, Diane Walton, Andrew Wynn, […]