Dolphin Club Pride Swim – June 21, 2015

The annual Pride Swim is a fun swim, so it is not timed, nor is the finish order captured. This year, all the swimmers who started the swim finished, and have been given credit for a qualifying swim toward the Dolphin Club Alcatraz and Golden Gate swims. All pilots and helpers likewise have been given […]

2015 Ft. Point Results

June 14, 2015 Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, David Bennett, Jon Bielinski, Robert Callan Jr., Dotti David, Paul DuBois, Jon Grunstad, Kelley Heye, Terry Horn, Liz Kantor, Brian Kiernan, Will Kushner, Robert Mackey, Joe Marenda, Tom McCall, Andrea Morgan, David Nettell, Richard O’Hara, Joseph Omran, Will Powning, William Schroeder, Chris Tschinkel, Megan Wachs, Diane Walton Helpers Lindzy […]

Pride Swim is Sunday, June 21

Get a jump on Pride Week on Sunday, June 21 with our annual Pride swim.  The last few swims have been floods, but this time we go the other way on a 3.1 knot ebb.  Nice ebb, nice time, nice friends. The jump is from Pier 39.  Check In: 6:15-6:55 AM, Pilot Briefing: 7:00, Swim […]

Crissy Field Results

May 31, 2015 Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, Greg Bailey, John Blackman, Laura Burtch-Zovickian, Barbara Byrnes, Linda Carter, Lowen Cattolico, Thomas Davis, Paul DuBois, Jon Grunstad, Tim Harsch, Reuben Hechanova, Francisco Hernandez, Terry Horn, Jenn Jackson, Brian Kiernan, Robert Mackey, Joe Marenda, Meredith May, Tom McCall, Miguel Melendez, David Nettell, Richard O’Hara, Joseph Omran, Will Powning, John […]

Fort Point is Sunday, June 14

Our longest swim of the season is Fort Point and it is June 14.  Over 3.5 miles of 3.0 knot flood and an orange cap will bring you home after a boat jump.  Check In: 6:15 to 6:55 AM; Pilot Briefing: 7:00 AM; Swim Briefing: 7:15 AM; Walk to Boats: 7:30 AM; Boats Depart: 7:45 […]