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Dolphin Club Building Fund Year End tax-deductible donation

The Dolphin Club building fund was established in 1998 as a method to develop and maintain an additional source of capital for major building related projects. The Club established a “Dolphin Club Account” with the San Francisco Bay Keepers, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, that maintains the account under a written agreement with the club. […]

The “Commodore” is launched

The new single Whitehall “Commodore”, named in honor of Lou Marcelli, the beloved caretaker of the Dolphin Club, was launched Saturday afternoon, August 6th. The boat was christened, appropriately, with a splash of Martini by Lou’s sister, Frances Real and Lou’s long-time companion Cynthia Coppi, before being taken on her maiden voyage around the cove with […]

The Spring 2016 Dolphin log is now available for download

In this issue On the cover: Duke breaks the Polar Bear record! Spoiler alert: he did 400 miles. There is a fabulous cover photo by Peter Prato. Also: Pia Hinckle reports on how she overcame her fear of swimming, Christopher Heim advises on what not to do when your boat breaks apart while on the bay, […]

Temporary Halt in New Memberships

At their October 2015 meeting, the officers and Board of Governors of the Dolphin Club voted to stop accepting new members for a few months because of the rapid increase in membership in the past year. Please check back. We’ll post information about how and when you can join the club. Thanks for your patience.

Dolphin Southend Triathlon Rules and Scoring

We need all athletes, especially runners and swimmers. Lets keep the plaque! Dolphin Club/SERC -Inter-club Triathlon Rules These rules are agreed rules for our annual inter-club triathlon. General requirements: The South End will host the event on years ending in an even number and the Dolphin’s will host on odd years. Each participant must be […]