Alcatraz Swim Results

October 1, 2017 As of October 5, 2017, the following results had been reported: the pilots’ list was still incomplete and the list of helpers in the Galley had not been turned in.  Information will be updated as it is received. The swim had its challenges, including a freighter which slowed to allow the swimmers […]

100th Anniversary Joe Bruno Golden Gate Swim

September 16, 2017 A truly wonderful swim was enjoyed by all the swimmers, and all of the watchers: the pilots, the helpers, the invited guests. This was a complex swim, administratively, but the reward for it, the ceremonies and food afterwards, were terrific. So many people worked hard and helped make this anniversary great, but […]

Golden Gate Swim Anniversary pictures

The Golden Gate Swim was epic and quite a few people documented the events. I am posting some links to photos here so you can all relive the great day. I will update this post as I get more pictures. Let me know if you have some to share. Here are some albums to get […]