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Myra Heckman Thanksgiving Day Swim

The handicap was generated by asking swimmers how long they take to swim half a mile: based on that, four groups were generated and there was a staggered start with the slowest group starting first, then the next 5 minutes later, etc. for the four groups. The order of finish is in the first list, […]

Thanksgiving Day Swim

PILOTS: Diane Walton, Gretchen Coffman, Emily Roth HELPERS: Anthony DuComb, Nancy Friedman, Sue Garfield, Lolly Lewis, Gina Rus, Eric Shupert, King Sip, Beth Stein, Andy Stone, Diane Walton, Janice Wood, Will Dad SWIMMERS 1 Janice McCall 0:16:26 2 Susan Lauritzen 0:19:56 3 Era Osibe 0:20:01 4 Matt Towers 0:21:16 5 Sarah McCuskey 0:21:42 6 Will […]