2009 Grizzly Bear Challenge Results

Congratulations to 2009’s Grizzly Bear participants!!!
The Grizzly Bear challenges participants to erg and row 100,000 Meters in the 6weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. We had more participants than ever and more who reached & surpassed the 100,000 Meter goal!


100,000 Meter Club
1st Andy Kerr 412,000 Meters!!!! (356,000 on the erg and 62,000 on the water)
2nd Renee deCossio 162,000 Meters
3rd R. Cooper 142,000 Meters
4th Gary Ehrsam 120,000 Meters
5th Racheal Perry 112,000 Meters (62,000 on the erg and 50,000 on the water)
6th Ted Levinson 110,000 Meters
7th Laura Atkins 102,000 Meters
Jim Frew 100,000 Meters
Jenny Votava 100,000 Meters
Peter Votava 100,000 Meters

Almost There…
Fred Stemler 62,000 Meters
Shane Powers 48,000 Meters
Mary Magocsy 46,000 Meters
Ivy 34,000 Meters
Lolly Lewis 32,000 Meters
Jerry Jacoby 30,000 Meters
Diane Schatz 28,000 Meters
Mary Sancimino 26,000 Meters
Daniel Madero 24,000 Meters
Laura Small 22,000 Meters
Cheryl 18,000 Meters
Joanne Caen 18,000 Meters
John Latta 4,000 Meters
Anna 2,000 Meters

Election Results 2010

President: Ken Coren

Vice President: Seth Katzman

Treasurer: Fred Stemmler

Financial Secretary: Margaret Keenan

Recording Secretary: Sunny McKee

Boat Captain: Reuben Hechanova

House Captain: Tom Keller

Board of Governors (at large):
Joe Gannon, Peter van der Sterre, David Hollembaek, John Ottersberg, Rick Avery, Carrie Sloan, Eileen Buckley, Gretchen Coffman

2009 Pilot and Swim Awards

Alcatraz New Years Day – Suzanne Heim-Bowen – 30:04
Over 45 Gashouse Cove – John Ottersberg – 18:45
Pier 39 – Greg Kearny – 23:23
60 + Cove – Alice June
– The Commodore – second buoy and back – Lou Marcelli
– The Commissioner- Flag and Back – Sid Hollister
– El Presidente – Flag, far boat and back- Alice June

Crazy Cove – Daniel Considine, Jennifer Lamers, Margaret Keenan
Alcatraz – Greg Kearny – 0:29:05
Handicap Cove– Naphtali Offen
Bay Bridge – Michael Chase – 39:15
Fort Point -Laurin Weisenthal – 58:00
Polar Bear – Joe Illick – 144.5
Polar Bear 1st to 40 – Laurin Weisenthal – 2 days, 12 hours

100 Mile Swim– Lolly Lewis – 223.5 miles

Ladies Cup:
1. Suzanne Heim-Bowen 56 pts
2. Greg Kearney 50 pts
3. Michael Chase 44 pts

Joes award – Joe Illick-

Most improved – Kent Myers
Most inspirational – Roxanne Phifer
First Mate – Bill Burke
Helper of the year – Lolly Lewis
Pilot of the year – Barry Christian
Oar Award – Marcus Auerbach

Michael Tschantz-Hahn – July 31, 2009 – 11:19
Catheryne DiPret e- Aug 17, 2009 -12:12
Laurin Weisenthal – Sep 26, 2009- 8 hours, 33 minutes: FASTEST DOLPHIN CLUB CHANNEL TIME!

Motorized Craft Pilot Training

Date: Saturday, January 23,
Time: After The Swim

We plan to conduct a Pilot Training session for Motorized Craft Pilots after the Pier 41 Swim next week.

There are no pre-requisites to attend the training, however rowing training (at least the lecture portion) is required before piloting any Swims. All Dolphin Club members are welcome to attend the motorized craft training regardless whether you intend to pilot any swims, however please note normal Dolphin Club policy makes motorized craft available only for swim or special event support.

A shoreside lecture/demonstration will last about an hour. Then we’ll practice on the water, and go to Sam’s in Tiburon for lunch if we have enough room in the boats for everyone.

Thank you South End Club volunteers for helping compile the Pilot Guidelines.
Thanks, Barry Christian

Pier 41 Swim

Saturday, January 23
Sign-in: 7 – 7:45 (Please do not expect to be able to sign in after 7:45)
Pilot Briefing: 7:50
Swim Briefing: 8:00 (We need timers at 8, please see Polly)
Walk to Pier 41: 8:15
Jump: 8:30

Pier 41 is our first swim this year. It is an excellent short dash around the Jeremiah O’Brien, outside the breakwater, into the opening and home.
Counts as one mile (four squares).

For out of cove swims there is an annual $40 swim fee, and you MUST be registered with Pacific Masters for 2010. If you have already given us your Masters reg for New Years, we have it and you don’t need to show it again. However you do still need to bring your swim fee. Everyone else must bring the Masters reg AND the swim fee. PLEASE bring a check for the swim fee. $40, payable to the Dolphin Club, “swim fee 2010” on the subject line. PLEASE *PLEASE* *PLEASE bring a check, *do not bring cash. If you absolutely must bring cash, bring it in an envelope with your name on it.

For the short walk down Pier 41 to where we jump into the water we are the guests of the Blue and Gold Fleet. We will have “hold harmless” forms for you to sign at the sign-in desk. Every swimmer must hand a signed form to the B&G staffer who will let us onto the pier. If you do not have this form you will not be able to jump from their pier, so please remember to sign a form and bring it with you to the jump.

For a reminder about how to HELP your Swim Commision, check out this new updated note.