2014 Polar Bear Challenge

Every effort has been made to read the Polar Bear sheets correctly: if you have a correction, please send it to the Dolphin Swim Commissioners. Dec 21, 2013 – March 21, 2014    

SE-DC Pride Swim – June 22, 2014

This is a group fun swim, so finish order and times are not captured. Swimmers Dean Badessa, Cynthia Barnard, Bob Blum, Charlie Cross, Gabriella Cross, Peter Cullinan, Bevan Daniels, Joanne Desmond, Cory Emerson, Becca Fanning, Jill Fleming, Jim Frew, Lisa Hagerman, Byron Harbour, Lucy Hoff, Terry Horn, Laura Jones, Wendy …


Doc Howard Over 45 Gashouse Swim Results

Pilots Todd Bloch, Eileen Buckley, Brendan Crow, Lisa Newman-Wise, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Robert Cable, Jesse  Czelusta, Jay Dean, Mac Dean, Marianne Dean, J.D. Durst and Bingo – his dog, Michael Han, Davis Ja, Liz Kantor, David Maloney, Miguel Melendez, Chris Tschinkel, Megan Wachs, Diane Walton Special Pilots: Mac Dean, …


Dolphins Victorious in Regatta

The Dolphin Club Rowing team in the Wieland sunday morning for the SERC Tom & Jerry’s 3-buoy regatta ~ we finished first, beating all other boats including the racing shells (not usually the case). Total time around the three buoys in the chopping, breezy flood current was 42 minutes. The …