DC-SE Triathlon Swim Results

The DC-SE Triathlon was a big success for the Dolphin Club, and we have tried to capture the results as accurately as possible. We have relied on the South End Rowing Club’s version of the swim places (no times), and there may be some inaccuracies. In addition, Dolphins were recorded …


The Plaque is Back!

Congratulations to all athletes, pilots and helpers for bringing back the plaque after 10 ten years. Detailed results will follow Photo by Bill Burke

Point Bonita private out-of-cove swims

In early October, there were two private out-of-cove swims from Point Bonita to the cove.  The first was performed on October 4, 2014, and the second, on October 7, 2014. Point Bonita 10/4/2014  Swimmers Brendan Crow, Lisa Newman-Wise, Chris Wagner  Pilots Marcus Auerbuch, J.D. Durst, John Grunstad, Terry Horn, Liz …