2014 Thanksgiving Day Cove

Thanksgiving Day Cove was swum in two groups: F for ‘to the Flag buoy and back’, and C for ‘Once around the Cove’.   Helpers: Andrew Cassidy, Brendan Crow, Sue Garfield, John Hornor, Virginie Jabbour, Lisa Newman-Wise  

2014 Hundred Mile Challenge Results

All efforts have been made to post the final and correct results: if anything has been captured incorrectly or if your results were not captured, please contact the Dolphin Club Swim Commissioners.

Grizzly Bear Challenge

The holidays are fast approaching. That means its time for the annual Grizzly Bear Challenge. The Grizzly is rowing’s answer to the Polar Bear – encouraging participants to erg off holiday treats and alleviate holiday shopping stress! The Goal Reach 100,000 Meters between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Everyone who …