Santa Cruz 1-Mile and 2-Mile Swims are Saturday & Sunday, July 30 & 31

Santa Cruz hosts 2 swims that count as Qualifying Swims for Golden Gate and Alcatraz.  The 1-mile is Saturday, July 30, and the 2-mile is Sunday, July 31.  The 1-mile is popular with the pool crowd.  The 2-mile is more for ocean swimmers.  These events are hosted by Santa Cruz Masters.  A few ‘Phins go every year.  Look for the orange caps on the beach and swimmers who swear the water is too warm.

Doc Howard Over 45 Swim is Saturday, July 30

Our annual Doc Howard Over 45 swim is on Saturday, July 30.  This is an afternoon swim, followed by a BBQ. Even if you aren’t swimming, please stop by and celebrate our more experienced swimmers.

Check In: 4:30-5:10 PM, Pilot Briefing: 5:15 PM, Swim Briefing: 5:30 PM, Walk to Gas House Cove: 5:45 PM, Jump off dock: 6:30 PM, Party begins around 7:15 PM.

This is a Qualifying Swim for GG and Alcatraz.  To do these 2 swims, you need 3 Qualifying Swims and 2 Helps. To do the Doc Howard, swimmers must be qualified for out-of-cove swims and have paid their 2016 swim dues.

Couglin Beach Swim

July 17, 2016


Jay Adams, Dean Badessa, Deborah Baker, Stan Baker, Michael Barber, Cynthia Barnard, Peter Bartu, Lindzy Bivings, Robert Callan Jr., Michael Connolly, Ken Coren, Peter Cullinan, Anthony DuComb, Kathleen Duffy, Christian Ebersol, Jim Ebert, Amanda Ernzer, Joe French, Jim Frew, Krista Gager, Joe Gannon, Sheila Gleeson, Rebecca Groves, Laura Grubb, Suzanne Heim, Gregory Hicks, Terry Horn, John Hornor, Nancy Hornor, Terence Huwe, John Ingle, Douglas James, Maggie Lonergan, Caitlin May, Jackie McEvoy, Tyler Meade, Jane Mermelstein, Andrea Morgan, Jaron Ness, Peter Neubauer, Hal Offen, Anna Olsen, Will Powning, Wolfgang Richter, Jamie Robinson, Robin Rome, Denise Sauerteig, Kathleen Sheridan, Suma Snehalatha, Andy Stone, Cory Sturtevant, Deb Sullivan, Sue Taylor, Nihan Tiryaki, Chris Tschinkel, Cheryl Wallace, Ben Zovickian



Andi Aliko, Marcus Auerbuch, John Blackman, Laura Burtch-Zovickian, Lowen Cattolico, Jay Dean, Marianne Dean, Paul DuBois, J.D. Durst, Chris Heim, Davis Ja, Liz Kantor, Brian Kiernan, Mark Lenz, Robert Mackey, Mary Magocsy, Tom McCall, Constantine Mittendorf, David Nettell, David Nettell, Deborah Sherwood, Scott Stark, Megan Wachs, Diane Walton, Kathryn Werhane, David Zovickian, Noah Zovickian



Dean Badessa, Robert Callan Jr., Amanda Ernzer, Krista Gager, Terry Horn, Nancy Hornor, Terence Huwe, Mickey Lavelle. Tyler Meade, Jaron Ness, Peter Neubauer, Anna Olsen, Will Powning, Wolfgang Richter, Robin Rome, Denise Sauerteig, Eric Shupert, Andy Stone, Cory Sturtevant, Cheryl Wallace



Terry Horn, Lowen Cattolico, Jill Fleming, Aniko Kurczinak, Jay Dean, Brian Kiernan, Tom McCall, David Nettell,Diane Walton

Introduction to Bay Swimming: Saturday, August 13, 9:30 a.m

This month’s date and time: Saturday, August 13, 9:30 am

1-hour chat with Q & A followed by an optional group swim.
RSVP Required for non-members

For new swimmers and for anyone who wants to brush up or learn more.

Held approximately once a month, this 2-3 hour session includes information about

  • the geography of our cove
  • swimming out in the Bay
  • basic info about tides and currents
  • our non-human friends in the water
  • swimming in cold water and how to avoid hypothermia

. . . and lots more.

Location: The Dolphin Club –

  • Please note that participants must be 18 or older and able to comfortably swim 400 yards.
  • Class size limited to 12 people
  • Please bring your own suit, towel, cap and goggles.


  • Members – Free
  • Non-members $10
  • Payment by CHECK to the Dolphin Club or Cash , no credit cards

For more information, please contact Suzie Dods

Fort Point Swim Results

July 2, 2016

The Dolphin Club Swim Commissioners and the Dolphin Club members as a whole would like to thank Jim Bock of the South End Rowing Club for his piloting help in a SERC AB, and for cutting off the speeding motorboat headed directly at one of our swimmers. Thank you Jim Bock.


Jay Adams, Jon Bielinski, Barbara Byrnes, Brendan Crow, Jay Dean, J.D. Durst, Jim Ebert, Jim Frew, Brad Gambrell, Jon Grunstad, Katie Harrington, Brian Kiernan, Tim Kline, Eric Lam, Tom McCall, Violetta Muselli, David Nettell, Rick O’Hara, Emily Roth, Jim Thurmond, Ben Zovickian, David Zovickian



Alejandro Alzugaray, Adam Ballachey, Michael Barber, Peter Bartu, Robert Callan Jr., Andrew Cassidy, Peter Cullinan, Patrick Dinan, Nicholas Egan, Adam Eilath, Amanda Ernzer, Evelyn Fisher, Laura Grubb, Nancy Hornor, Tom Hunt, Terence Huwe, John Ingle, Susan Lauritzen, Gary Leong, Joe Marenda, Jackie McEvoy, Tyler Meade, Marcy Michael, George Morris, Lisa Newman-Wise, James O’Connor, Hal Offen, Anna Olsen, Era Osibe, Daragh Powers, Neal Powers, Polly Rose, Ron Russ, Susan Saylor, Eric Shupert, Tim Smith, Sue Taylor, Monica Towers, Ryan Utsumi, Janice Wood


Test Swimmers and Pilots

Andrew Cassidy,Peter Cullinan, John Ingle, Bri McCarthy, Luca Pozzi, John Blackman, Brendan Crow, Jon Grunstad, Brian Kiernan, Tom McCall, Tom Neill, David Nettell

Fort Point Swim Results
PlaceF.nameL.nameTimeLadies Cup
18DannyDe Leon1:05:13
32RobertCallan Jr.1:38:03