Thanksgiving Day Cove Results

November 24, 2016 The Thanksgiving Day Cove was very informal this year, with three courses offered, but with no capture of the place order of finish or timing. Participants lists are in alphabetical order. As always, if your name is missing, notify the DC Swim Commissioners.   Three courses: A …


Grizzly Bear Challenge

Are you ready for GRIZZLY BEAR 2016???? That’s right, folks, it’s that magical time of year again – time for PAIN! If Total Domination was meant to motivate and inspire, GB is here to punish. Two weeks from yesterday. Thursday, November 24th. Details to follow. – Dr. Ergenstein

Thanksgiving Day Cove, Thursday, November 24

The annual Thanksgiving Day Cove swim will include three courses: short, full Cove, inside/outside. Check-in: 7:45 to 8:30; Pilot Briefing: 8:35; Swim Briefing: 8:45; Jump: 9:00. Earn your right to stuff yourself with turkey?