Crazy Cove Swim – Sunday April 7

The swimmer sign-up sheet has been posted for the CRAZY Cove swim on Sunday April 7!

We have cooked up something fun.

Here’s the timing:

Check-in                     7:30-8:15

Swim/Pilot Briefing     8:25

Jump                          9:00

This is not a qualifying swim for Alcatraz and Golden Gate.

We always have ‘help’ opportunities – You will need 3 helps to qualify for the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz swims. Get them checked off early!   

We will need help with the following: 

Check In – Eric Shupert –                   

Timing – Polly Rose                         

Galley – Nanda Palmieri                  

Clean up – Neil Powers                     

Please contact these people directly.

You will also need to sign the annual Dolphin Club Swim waiver.  Here is a link:

2019 Yacht Harbor swim results

March 23, 2019

Because of the challenges during the test swim, the jump was delayed for 20 minutes.  During the walk to the jump site, a number of participants saw a whale breach in the water along the route.  However, no creature incidents occurred during the swim and there was enough flood to help the swimmers to good times.


Marcus Auerbuch, Peter Bartu, Jon Bielinski, Barbara Byrnes, Barry Christian, Paul DuBois, Tim Dumm, Jim Frew, John Grunstad, Reuben Hechanova, Larry Heine, Terry Horn, Margaret Keenan, Brian Kiernan, Timothy Kreutzen, Eric Lam, Mark Lenz, Charmaine Leonard, Thomas McCall, Timothy Melano, David Nettell, Hal Offen, Joseph Omran, Donald Osborne, Will Powning, John Robiola, Denise Sauerteig, Eric Shackelford, Sam Suttle, Ryan Utsumi, David Zovickian


Joby Bernstein, Lindsay Boswell, Talia Brinton, Bill Burke, Laura Burtch-Zovickian, Andrew Cassidy, Hubert Chaperon, Erik Cufino, Signe Curtis, Kathleen Duffy, James Fahlbusch, Matthias Fore, Cyrus Foster, Chris Germain, Brian Gilbert, Patrick Grady, John Haymaker, Tom Hunt, Morgan Kulla, Jean Lamming, Susan Lauritzen, Cesar Manzano, Andrea McHenry, Keith Nelson, Jaron Ness, Hal Offen, Era Osibe, Nanda Palmieri, Isabella Polenghi-Gross, Neal Powers, Jason Prodoehl, Derrick Rebello, Donna Schumacher, Wendy Schuss, Jen Sturgill, John Thorpe, Tommaso Trionfi, Zachary Walton, Janice Wood

Test swim:

Lindsay Boswell, Andrew Cassidy, Peter Cullinan, Matthias Fore, Bri McCarthy, Hal Offen, Holly Reed, Denise Sauerteig, Ralph Wenzel, Jon Bielinski, Gretchen Coffman, Joe Gannon, Mark Harrold, Terry Horn, Brian Kiernan, Timothy Kreutzen, Maggie Lonergan, Thomas McCall, Timothy Melano, Nanda Palmieri, Alexis Pope, John Robiola, John Thorpe

Yacht Harbor Results    

Yacht Harbor Swim, Saturday, March 23

Sign-up sheets are up for the Yacht Harbor Swim, Saturday, March 23.  

We walk to Yacht Harbor, jump at the beach and swim back to Aquatic Park with a flood – distance: 1.5 miles.

Here’s the timing:

7:45-8:30     Sign in

8:30             Pilot Briefing

8:45             Swim briefing

9:00             Walk to Yacht Harbor (almost 2 mile walk)

10:00           Jump

We always have ‘help’ opportunities – You will need 3 helps to qualify for the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz swims – So get them checked off early.   

We will need help at the following posts: 

Clothes Wranglers – Rebecca Wolski

(min. 3 needed – AND you get to park in the Dolphin Club driveway)  

Check In – Eric Shupert –                   

Timing – Polly Rose                           

Galley – Nanda Palmieri                   

Clean up – Neil Powers                      

Please contact these people directly.

If this is your first swim of the year, the check-in desk will collect the annual $55 swim fee from you.  

If this is your first 2019 swim AND your membership is listed with a club other than the Dolphin Club, please bring a copy of your USMS card.  

You will also need to sign the annual Dolphin Club Swim waiver.  Here is a link:

Introduction to Bay Swimming Class

For new swimmers and anyone who wants to brush up or learn more, please join us Saturday, April 13 at 8:30am for an Intro to Bay Swimming.  The class will also be held June 8th, August 24th, and October 12th.


This 2-3 hour session includes:

A ~1-hour chat with Q & A covering:

the geography of our cove
swimming out in the Bay
basic info about tides and currents
our non-human friends in the water
swimming in cold water and how to avoid hypothermia

. . . and lots more.

Classroom time will be followed by an optional group swim.


The Dolphin Club

Please note that participants must be 18 or older and able to comfortably swim 400 yards.
Class size limited to 12 people – RSVP required
Please bring your own suit, towel, cap, and goggles.

Dolphin Club Members: Free
Non-members: $10 day-use fee (class included)

Payment by CHECK to the Dolphin Club or Cash no credit cards

Here is a link to sign up:

For more information, please contact the swim commissioner

Pier 39 Results

February 2, 2019

The weather was not promising until just before the  swim, but then the rain stopped and the swim was enjoyed by nearly everyone.


Marcus Auerbuch, Natazha Bernie, John Blackman, Bob Cable, Paul DuBois, Tim Dumm, Erin Figel, Joe Gannon, John Grunstad, Larry Heine, Nancy Hornor, Brian Kiernan, Timothy Kreutzen, Aniko Kurczinak, Sean Lavelle, Thomas McCall, Stuart Moulder, Alexis Pope, Holly Reed, Philip Reiff, John Robiola, Ryan Utsumi, Diane Walton, David Zovickian


Susan Allen, Michael Barber, Joni Beemsterboer, Joby Bernstein, Andrew Braithwaite, Steve Carlson, Andrew Cassidy, Hubert Chaperon, Kathleen Duffy, Pauline Farmer-Koppenol, Cyrus Foster, Susan Garfield, Brian Gilbert, Trevor Haynes, Duff Hearon, Amy Hosa, Mara Iaconi, Corina Kaufman, Terry Keenan, Joel Kramer, Morgan Kulla, Mark Lenz, Bianca Liederer, Linda Mahnken, Bri McCarthy, Timothy Melano, Marcy Michael, Jaron Ness, Hal Offen, Era Osibe, Jason Prodoehl, Polly Rose, Kathleen Sheridan, Eric Shupert, Andy Stone, John Thorpe, Michael Tschantz-Hahn, John Wilde, Janice Wood

Test swim:

Lindzy Bivings, Andrew Cassidy, Gretchen Coffman, Sean Lavelle, Bri McCarthy, Hal Offen, John Wilde, John Blackman, Terry Horn, Brian Kiernan, Timothy Kreutzen, Aniko Kurczinak, Mick Lavelle, Maggie Lonergan, Thomas McCall, Tom Neill, John Robiola, Sibylle Scholz

place time LCP
1 Joby Bernstein 0:29:23 10
2 Hubert Chaperon 0:32:53 9
3 James Fahlbusch 0:33:12 8
4 Laura Burtch-Zovickian 0:33:13 7
5 Michael Tschantz-Hahn 0:34:55 6
6 Jaron Ness 0:36:26 5
7 Duff Hearon 0:37:04 4
8 Erik Cufino 0:40:08 3
9 Mick Lavelle 0:40:15 2
10 Steve Carlson 0:40:31 1
11 Kathleen Sheridan 0:41:06
12 Jason Prodoehl 0:41:12
13 Cyrus Foster 0:41:42
13 John Haymaker 0:41:42
15 Tom Neill 0:42:00
16 Danny De Leon 0:43:34
17 Kristina Kordesch 0:44:05
18 Nancy Booth 0:44:10
19 Maggie Lonergan 0:45:16
20 Trevor Haynes 0:45:25
21 Marie Sayles 0:45:50
22 Mark Harrold 0:46:17
23 Jason Friend 0:46:48
24 Bastiaan  Koch 0:48:26
25 Andy Stone 0:50:03
26 Kathleen Duffy 0:51:17
27 Sam Suttle 0:51:39
28 Jim Frew 0:51:41
29 Bobby Lu 0:51:46
30 Hal Offen 0:52:13
31 John Hornor 0:52:16
32 Morgan Kulla 0:52:29
33 Bill Burke 0:53:15
34 Tasha Yorozu 0:53:45
35 Terry Keenan 0:58:01
36 John Ingle 1:04:30
37 Michael Barber 1:05:17