For SalE: 16′ Hereshoff Double Paddled Canoe

The Dolphin Club is selling a faithful build of L.Francis Hereshoff’s well respected 16′ double-paddled canoe. The design was featured in ‘Sensible Crusing Designs‘ and was built by G.W. Kincaid likely sometime in the late 1950s, and owned by one of our stalwart members.

This two-person canoe is still in excellent condition, holds out water, and will safely carry you on adventures in calmer inland waters. It comes with two very light spruce paddles, beautifully crafted.

Asking $4000. For more information, or a test paddle, please contact the Boat Captain –

L.Francis loved his canoe, once commenting:

“It is my opinion that the double paddled canoe gives the most fun for the money of any type of boat a person can possess and I must say it is my favorite form of aquatic sport”

L.Francis Hereshoff

Read Roger Long’s account of crossing Buzzards Bay in a similar boat: The Glittering Darkness