The demise of the Yahoo Group

As you  might have heard, the Yahoo Group has gone to the big digital junkyard in the stratosphere. The good news is, that a newer, better, faster and better looking discussion group has been set up for Dolphins, so that you may continue to talk about all those things that …


Escape 2017 results

Hello Dolphins. Here are the results of the Escape from Alcatraz event sunday. Thanks to all participants, helpers and organizers! Click to view the PDF  

Golden Gate Swim Anniversary pictures

The Golden Gate Swim was epic and quite a few people documented the events. I am posting some links to photos here so you can all relive the great day. I will update this post as I get more pictures. Let me know if you have some to share. Here …


Dolphin Club Building Fund Year End tax-deductible donation

The Dolphin Club building fund was established in 1998 as a method to develop and maintain an additional source of capital for major building related projects. The Club established a “Dolphin Club Account” with the San Francisco Bay Keepers, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, that maintains the account under a …


Grizzly Bear Challenge

Are you ready for GRIZZLY BEAR 2016???? That’s right, folks, it’s that magical time of year again – time for PAIN! If Total Domination was meant to motivate and inspire, GB is here to punish. Two weeks from yesterday. Thursday, November 24th. Details to follow. – Dr. Ergenstein