Dolphin Club members have been rowing on San Francisco Bay since 1877




The Dolphin Club maintains more than 40 boats including traditional wooden boats, lightweight rowing shells, kayaks and stand-up paddle-boards. Dolphin boaters include former Olympians, former collegiate rowers, and many who first pulled an oar after joining our club.

Our members engage in a variety of boating activities including racing, swim piloting, and recreational trips to destinations around the Bay.


Once certified, members are free to take boats onto the bay on their own schedule and within the limits of our safety rules. Popular destinations include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island. and the San Francisco city shoreline.


Throughout the year, many club members row on trips to further destinations such as China Camp and Petaluma. Some members may also take part in an annual marathon row to Sacramento through the Delta.


The club typically hosts two rowing regattas each year, and members participate in competitions hosted by other rowing clubs in the area. 

Post-Covid we look forward to resuming four-person crew training. Informal racing also occurs any time two boats get together on the water. 

Supporting Swims

Organized out-of-cove swim events are the backbone of the club calendar and bring both swimmers and rowers together. Rowers, kayakers, and SUPers play a vital support role in guiding swimmers back to the club while also protecting them from boat traffic.

Training & Certification

Because of the challenging nature of San Francisco Bay and the uniqueness of our fleet, only Dolphin Club members who have been certified in our training program may row our boats. Our Learn to Row classes are typically offered monthly, and one-one-one training is sometimes offered too. 

Guests are typically not allowed to use our boats, though it may be possible to join as a guest rower in a double if you know a member willing to invite you.

If you have further questions about our boating program please contact the Boat Captain.