Discover San Francisco Bay in our Classic Wooden Boats




Rowing on San Francisco Bay is an immensely rewarding activity. After progressing through the Learn to Row course, you’ll have access to an incredible location for exercise and personal growth and for exploring one of the world’s most impressive natural estuaries.

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are only able to conduct one-on-one rowing training. Due to limited capacity., there may be a waitlist to get started

Our training program will teach you the basics of how to row, how to take care of our boats, and how to understand the tides, currents, and nature of San Francisco Bay.

The Dolphin Club rowing training class is typically offered monthly, usually on the third Saturday of the month. Training is only available to members.

  1. Regular rowing training class at the club 
  2. Six practice rows within the cove 
  3. Attend one Boat Night (held on Tuesday evenings) 
  4. Pass a written test of club rules, boat knowledge, and tide and current calculation 
  5. Pass an on-the-water test of boat skills 

Once certified, members are free to take our Dolphin Club singles and doubles onto the bay on their own schedule and within the limits of our safety rules.

You don’t have to know anything about rowing to start learning at the Dolphin Club, but you should be aware that it can at times be a strenuous and challenging activity. You should be able to swim and be willing to enjoy getting pushed around by wind, waves, and current.