Dolphin Club News

Doc Howard Over 45 Gashouse Cove Swim

June 29, 2019 The Doc Howard Over 45 Gashouse Swim was swum in the evening, with a 6:00 PM jump into a strong flood tide.  All swimmers finished with fast times and all were recorded with a qualifying swim for the Golden Gate and Alcatraz.   A second flight of swimmers, under 45 swam an inside … Read more

2019 Pride Swim

June 15, 2019 The traditional Pride Swim was hosted this year by South End Rowing Club (SERC) with the jump at Coghlan Beach.  The finish order and the times were not important enough to capture since this swim was for fun and based on the smiles on the faces of the swimmers, all of whom … Read more

Gashouse Fun Swim Results

June 1, 2019 A fun swim: the tide was with the swimmers, some new to out-of-cove swimming were able to join and enjoy the swim: while place order of finishing was kept to ensure that all who started did finish, no times were captured. Pilots: Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Bob Cable,Duke Dahlin, Justin Fisch, Terry … Read more

Bay Bridge Swim

May 12, 2019 This year the Bay Bridge swim went off perfectly.  The tides and currents gave swimmers a great ride and the times reflected this, not to mention the wonderful views of San Francisco passing on the way from the Bay Bridge to Aquatic park.  A fun swim. Pilots: Jean Allan, Marcus Auerbuch, Barry … Read more

Evening Cove Swim

May 4, 2019 Due to a conflict with a GP Sailing event the Coghlan Beach swim was changed to an evening outside/inside/flag swim followed by a BBQ.  The swim remained a “qualifying” swim for Alcatraz/GGB.  Swimmers enjoyed the route and the BBQ was well attended. Pilots: Chris Germain, Brian Kiernan, Eric Lam, Christian Martin, Anne … Read more