Dolphin Club News

2019 Yacht Harbor swim results

March 23, 2019 Because of the challenges during the test swim, the jump was delayed for 20 minutes.  During the walk to the jump site, a number of participants saw a whale breach in the water along the route.  However, no creature incidents occurred during the swim and there was enough flood to help the … Read more

Pier 39 Results

February 2, 2019 The weather was not promising until just before the  swim, but then the rain stopped and the swim was enjoyed by nearly everyone. Pilots: Marcus Auerbuch, Natazha Bernie, John Blackman, Bob Cable, Paul DuBois, Tim Dumm, Erin Figel, Joe Gannon, John Grunstad, Larry Heine, Nancy Hornor, Brian Kiernan, Timothy Kreutzen, Aniko Kurczinak, … Read more

2019 Pier 41 Results

January 27, 2019 The first Dolphin Club swim of the year: a fun and easy 1 mile swim. Pilots: Marcus Auerbuch, Holly Baskin, Natazha Bernie, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Charlie Cross, Paul DuBois, Tim Dumm, Pauline Farmer-Koppenol, Jim Frew, Brad Gambrell, Lewis Haidt, Reuben Hechanova, Larry Heine, Terry Horn, Nancy Hornor, Davis Ja, Brian Kiernan, … Read more