Dolphin Club News

Motorized Craft Pilot Training

Date: Saturday, January 23, Time: After The Swim We plan to conduct a Pilot Training session for Motorized Craft Pilots after the Pier 41 Swim next week. There are no pre-requisites to attend the training, however rowing training (at least the lecture portion) is required before piloting any Swims. All Dolphin Club members are welcome … Read more

Alcatraz Swim – August 23, 2009

PILOTS: Marcus Auerbach, Eduardo Barranco, Jon Bielinski, Erik Von Blankenburg, Paul Brady, Barry S. Christian, Richard B. Cooper, Kenneth Alan Frank, Don Harrison, Reuben Hechanova, Brian Herrick, Libbie Horn, Paul Irving, Scott Nadig, Steve Pratt, Emily Roth, Jenny Von Blankenburg, Diane Walton HELPERS: Andy J. Stone, Neal Powers, Naphtali (Hal) Offen, Janice McCall, Susan E. … Read more

2008 Rowing Results

Sprint Racing 2008 (Summer): Lake Merritt Sprint, Oakland, CA (6/15/2008); Distance: 1000M Joe Abrams: 3:57.8, 1st Place MM1x-C; 3:51.3, 1st Place, MM2x A-C Click for Photo; 3:21.2, 1st Place, MM4x A-C, Click for Photos- Before the race, After the race. Charlie McIntyre: 4:18.36, 4th Place, MM1x B Racheal Perry: 4:29.55, 3rd Place WM1x-A-D US Rowing … Read more