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Aquatic Park

Our Address

502 Jefferson Street,  Aquatic Park, San Francisco, CA  94109
Telephone: (415) 441-9329

Dolphin Club Board

Dolphin Club President:  Diane Walton

Vice President:  Davis Ja

Treasurer: Chris Wagner

Financial Secretary: Janice Wood
(Billing questions or contact changes)

Recording Secretary: Andrea Morgan

House Captain: John Hornor

Board Members

  • Dave Zovickian
  • Ken Coren
  • Joe Marenda
  • Jay Adams
  • Jay Dean
  • Natazha Bernie
  • Nanda Palmieri
  • Lee Hammack

Members who have questions regarding events at the Dolphin Club, may contact

The club does not rent out space nor allow exclusive events.

Boat Captain: Jon Bielinski


Swim Commissioners
Aniko Kurczinak, Ryan Utsumi, and Tim Kreutzen

Running Commissioners
Chris Tschinkel, Natazha Bernie

Rowing Commissioners: Eric Lam

Kayaks: Terry Horn

Entertainment Commissioner: Robin Rome

Handball Commissioner: Paul Brady

Swag Commissioner: Andrea Morgan

Weightroom Captain: Robert Selsted

Female Locker Captain: Jane Mermelstein, Cynthia Marchesani, Mimi Osborne

Male Locker Captain:  Dave Zovickian

Escape from Alcatraz Race Director: Gina Russ
Website: Escape From Alcatraz News

Lake Merced Commissioner: James Storm

Powerboat Commissioner: Larry Heine

Email Group Manager: Jay Dean
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Website Manager: Alana Harrington

Log Editors: Keith Howell, Joe Illick