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Our Address:

502 Jefferson Street,  Aquatic Park , San Francisco, CA  94109
Telephone: (415) 441-9329

Board Members

Dolphin Club President:  Reuben Hechanova

Vice President:  Ken Coren

Treasurer: Chris Wagner

Financial Secretary: Sibylle Scholz
(Billing questions or contact changes)

Recording Secretary: Andrea Morgan

House Captain: Davis Ja

Boat Captain: Jay Dean

Board Members

  • Diane Walton
  • Wyatt Nordstrom
  • Andrew Cassidy
  • Andrew Wynn
  • Dav Zimak
  • Janice Wood
  • Randall Edwards
  • Dorian Faust


Members who have questions regarding events at the Dolphin Club, may contact

The club does not rent out space nor allow exclusive events.


Swim Commissioners
Terry Horn, Aniko Kurczinak, Ryan Utsumi

Running Commissioners
Chris Tschinkel, Natazha Bernie

Rowing Commissioners: Jay Dean, Wyatt Nordstrom

Kayaks: Terry Horn

Entertainment Commissioner: Robin Rome

Handball Commissioner: Craig Lawrence

Swag Commissioner: Andrea Morgan

Weightroom Captain: Robert Selsted

Female Locker Captain: Jane Mermelstein, Cynthia Marchesani, Mimi Osborne

Male Locker Captain:  Dave Zovickian

Escape from Alcatraz Race Director: Gina Russ
Website: Escape From Alcatraz News

Email Group Manager: Jay Dean
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Website manager: Susanne Friedrich

Log Editors: Keith Howell, Joe Illick

In addition to the above positions, there are a number of standing committees such as the Boat Committee, Building Committee, Building Fund Committee, Audit Committee and Government Committee whose members do much of the work of the Club.  All members are welcome and invited to participate.  Many thanks to all of our volunteers who are willing to devote so much time and effort.

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