Handball has a thriving history at the Dolphin Club. Our four-wall court opened for singles and doubles play in 1912; by 1958, one in five members was a handball player. (One of them was Tom DiMaggio, whose brother was better at baseball.)

Although handball was once an exclusively male sport, that’s no longer the case. In addition to participating in novice clinics, a pod of Dolphins (Erin Figel, Mee Lee, Linda Mahnken, and Diane Walton) participated in the SERC-hosted 2018 Ladies Handball Tournament – the first such tournament on the West Coast. This enthusiasm for women’s handball has bounded over to the Olympic Club, too, and Dolphin women have joined in friendly matches hosted at the winged O’s courts.

Even though most of the players had no previous experience with handball, they are enjoying it now. “Anyone can excel at handball.” says Tom Sove, President of the Northern California Handball Association. “You can be short or tall, old or young …People play for health reasons, for competition, and for the camaraderie.” Friendships generated from handball is a theme that comes up often when chatting with handballers. “When I’m out on the court, I’m all business; but off the court I’ve made friends for the rest of my life. It’s one of the coolest parts [of the sport],” says Tracy Davis. Dolphins Dick Keltner and Paul Brady are themselves a testimonial to handball camaraderie, having played together for nearly 30 years.

If you are intrigued by handball, commissioner Paul Brady welcomes members to contact him. The best way to reach him is by giving him a call. His number is on the chalkboard by the court.

Fun. Exercise. Camaraderie. That’s handball.