McCovey Cove Regatta

wooden rowboats on the Bay
The Dolphin and South End fleet of whitehalls at the beginning of the regatta- photo: Susanne Friedrich

Join us for the fourth annual McCovey Cove Open Water Regatta, April 7, 2018

Regatta Course

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The 15km course on San Francisco Bay is a round trip from Aquatic Park on the north waterfront to McCovey Cove, adjacent to the Giant’s Ballpark and back. The short course is to the Bravo Tower of the Oakland Bay Bridge and back. The Base of operations is the historic Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club boathouse at 502 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94109.

The event is open to Open Water Shells, Racing Kayaks and Traditional Rowboats, preferably with sliding seats. All shells must be rated for open water rowing and include a self-bailing mechanism.

Stick around for a barbecue afterwards and enjoy a unique slice of San Francisco history.

Fees: $25/participant; $10 for lunch only.

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Doubles or larger have a separate, “team” registration, below:

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Please direct questions to JD Durst

Showers are available for participants as well as limited parking for trailers.