Press Clippings

Links to articles about the Dolphin Club or its members that have appeared in the press in recent months (and decades):

Kim Chambers Ocean’s Seven Swim, SF Gate, October 15, 2014

Joe Locke’s Farallones Swim, SF Gate, July13, 2014

NY Day Alcatraz swim, January 2014, NBC San Francisco

Lou Marcelli Obituary, October 2013

Shark sighting, August 2013

Vance Jacobs’ Portraits of the Old Goats. June 2013

A photo essay by Louisa Pickering,   May 2013

As Warm As it Gets, Dolphin Club Swimmers, September 2011

Relay Swim to Farallones, SFGate, May 25, 2011

Wendy McNaughton’s  drawings, November 2010

New York Times, March 2011

The Bay Citizen, March 2011

The Exploratorium,  August 19, 2011: As Warm as it gets: True stories of Inspiration

Lou Marcelli, an Old Stove,  NPR, October 2004