Dolphin Fleet

We maintain a fleet of pristine rowboats listed below. All are hand-built. Many of them right in our own boat shop and under the leadership of master boatbuilder Jon Bielinski. The boats are mostly named after notable Dolphins with strong ties to the rowing program.

NameBuild YearTypeWeight lbs.
Austin1987Single Modified Whitehall205
Baggiani1948Dolphin Club Single207
Cecco1988Dolphin Club Single219
Commodore2016Dolphin Club Single170
Cronin1938Dolphin Club Double376
Farrell1917Dolphin Club Double350
Foster1948Dolphin Club Single198
Haake2006Dolphin Club Single218
Herman Zahler1960Herreschoff Double-Paddle Canoe78
Hughes1938Dolphin Club Double380
Joe Bruno1989Dolphin Club Single212
John Wieland1887Six-Oared Barge588
Kupuna2006Dolphin Club Single167
Landucci1948Dolphin Club Single209
Lifthrasir1985Cable Car Gig270
Ring2000Dory, Flat-Bottomed193
Semper Fi2016Dolphin Club Single165
Kohlenberg2006Single Cable Car Gig189
Spectre1973Single Whitehall261
Good Luck1976Stillwater River Boat187
Viking1938Cable Car Gig270