Swim Program

Our members swim year-round in the waters of Aquatic Park where temperatures vary from about 50 F in January to about 61 F in September. A line of buoys parallel to the shore marks a quarter-mile course; you may also swim anywhere else inside the pier and breakwater that you feel comfortable.

After six months’ membership in good standing, members may participate in the Club’s organized swim program: approximately twenty swims inside and outside the cove throughout the year. Highlights of the program include the Golden Gate and Alcatraz swims, twilight swims followed by potluck barbecues, and our longest swim: Fort Point to Aquatic Park.

Every summer and winter, you can sign up for our mileage competitions. If you can swim at least forty miles between December 21 and March 21, you’re honored as an official Dolphin Club Polar Bear. Even more challenging is the 100-mile swim, June 1 to October 31, in San Francisco Bay waters.