Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

Our annual Dolphin Club Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon is held once a year in October and is considered the granddaddy of all Escapes. You must be a six-month member of the Dolphin Club or South End Club to participate. This event would not be possible without the many volunteers that turn out each year. If you don’t participate in the race, please consider volunteering or piloting. Wetsuits are allowed but participants in wetsuits are not eligible for awards and are in a “class of their own.”

You may team up and do the Escape as a relay.
In order to expand the participation from both clubs we are encouraging relay teams that can be comprised of two, three, or four participants. The categories of results that will be recognized at the post race banquet have been significantly expanded.


Swim: The first event is a swim from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park a distance of about 1.5 miles.

Bike: This is followed by a 14-mile bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley.

Run: From there you’ll run the Dipsea Trail over Mount Tamalpais to Stinson Beach,  turn around, and run back to Mill Valley for a total of 11 miles. There are plenty of aid stations along the way.

In the evening, there is a celebratory dinner at the Dolphin Club where you may claim your official Escape from Alcatraz belt buckle. For more information see our Dolphin Triathlon website. Everyone who completes the event will be recognized at the banquet. Individuals who complete the full event will receive a commemorative brass belt buckle and a special t-shirt. Any questions please email Gina Russ.