Swim Program Rules

General Qualifications

  • Club scheduled swims are restricted to club members in good standing only.
  • Swimmers are required to wear fluorescent orange caps on all scheduled swims.
  • For out-of cove swims, swimmers must be members in good standing with club dues current, $55 swim fees paid, and a current USMS/PMS card on file. In-cove swims are free and open to all members in good standing.
  • New members are not eligible to swim in scheduled out-of-cove swims for six months from their membership start. However, if one successfully completes the 100-mile swim or 40-mile Polar Bear swim before their six months are up, they can participate in out-of-cove swims.  New members can also complete the “Accelerated Out-of-Cove Process,” which involves swimming eight one-mile swims in the Cove with prior approval of one of the Swim Commissioners.
  • Contact DolphinSwimCommissioner@gmail.com for the form, prior to beginning this process.
  • Swimmers must be in attendance at briefing prior to each swim in order to participate.
  • Swim sign-up sheets are typically posted two weeks prior to each swim.
  • Time limits are imposed and enforced for all swims.
  • All club boats, kayaks, rescue boards, and SUPs are reserved for scheduled swims.
  • No swim aids, including wetsuits, fins and paddles, among others, are allowed on scheduled Dolphin Club swims.

Additional Qualifications for Alcatraz and Golden Gate Swims

  • In-town members must successfully complete three swims and pilot or help on at least three scheduled swims.
  • Out-of-town members (those residing 100+ miles from the club) must have successfully completed two of the last three club scheduled Alcatraz and/or Golden Gate swims or meet Rule 10 above.