For SalE: 16′ Hereshoff Double Paddled Canoe

The Dolphin Club is selling a faithful build of L.Francis Hereshoff’s well respected 16′ double-paddled canoe. The design was featured in ‘Sensible Crusing Designs‘ and was built by G.W. Kincaid likely sometime in the late 1950s, and owned by one of our stalwart members. This two-person canoe is still in …


2021 pier 39 results

The first post-pandemic timed group swim went from Pier 39 to Aquatic Park on an ebb tide, which carried the swimmers to fast finishes. Everyone was so glad to do a swim in the old pre-pandemic manner that the few minor glitches went unnoticed.  Swimmers, Pilots, and Helpers all enjoyed …


2021 Pride Swim

June 26, 2021 This year’s traditional Pride Swim, with the jump at Coghlan Beach, was the opening of the Dolphin Club’s regular group swimming season. The swim was done in tandem with the SERC Pride swim.  The finish order and the times were not captured: this swim was to celebrate …


June 15, 2021

On June 15, 2021, the Club will reopen fully, 6 am to 6 pm, seven days a week, to its vaccinated members. The schedule will be extended, opening earlier and staying open later, and public access will resume, in the days and weeks ahead.

2020 -2021 Polar Bear Challenge

December 21, 2020 through March 21, 2021 This year’s Polar Bear Challenge was more challenging than usual: DC only partially open – all indoors facilities closed (including showers and saunas); reservations for limited number of slots per week; and if one couldn’t get a slot, their swims were off the …


2020-2021 Penguin Challenge

As a club, we have been presented with many challenges this year and have adapted. Given the additional challenge of swimming through the winter with no sauna or swimming from the bleachers with no hot shower or sauna, I am proposing an adaptation to the Polar Bear Challenge. It will …