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  • Crissy Field results

    August 12, 2018 Pilots: Bradford Adams, Andi Aliko, Marcus Auerbuch, Eduardo Barranco, Holly Baskin, John Blackman, Barbara Byrnes, Gretchen Coffman, Elizabeth Donahoe, Tim Dumm, Adrian Dyer, Lewis Haidt, Larry Heine, George Howell, Davis Ja, Brian Kiernan, Aniko Kurczinak, Eric Lam, Thomas McCall, Dolores Meehan, Hal Offen, Joseph Omran, Nanda Palmieri, John Robiola, Sibylle Scholz, Deborah …Read More »
  • Golden Gate Bridge Swim – Sunday August 19

    Sign-up sheets have been posted for the Golden Gate Bridge Swim, Sunday, August 19, 2018.  The swim will be limited to 99 swimmers. This swim has a water start (from a boat) with the end of a flood, through slack and ending with the beginning of the ebb.  After finishing, you will board the boat …Read More »
  • Crissy Field Swim – Sunday, August 12

    Sign-up sheets will be posted Tuesday am for the Crissy Field Swim, Sunday, August 12, 2018.  The length of the swim is approximately 2.75 miles.  We will be swimming with the flood. This swim will be limited to the first 49 swimmers to sign-up.  We will have a wait list after #49, just in case there are no-shows …Read More »
  • Under the Stars Swim – Saturday, July 21 – 8:30 PM

    Some of you have expressed an interest in an Out of Cove evening swim.  Here it is – something completely different! Sign-up sheets are up for the Under the Stars evening swim, Saturday July 21.  It’s a 8:30 PM jump. The course is an Inside-Outside (Beach to Inside Breakwater to Creakers and Outside Breakwater to …Read More »
  • Doc Howard Over 45, Up to 45, Under 30

    July 7, 2018 This set of swims were late afternoon swims.  The weather kicked up, so rather than go out of cove to Gashouse for the long course Doc Howard Over 45 swim, both the long course swims of the Doc Howard Over 45 swim and the Up to 45 swim swam from the beach …Read More »
  • Sign up sheets have been posted for the Doc Howard Over 45 Gashouse Cove Swim and the Under 45 Cove Swims on Saturday July 7.  It’s a late afternoon swim – There will be a light dinner afterwards. Gashouse Cove is considered a qualifying swim for Alcatraz and Golden Gate.  It’s also a great opportunity for …Read More »