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We like to row, swim and occasionally eat pasta

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  • Pier 23 Swim – Sunday April 22

    Sign-up sheets have been posted for the Pier 23 swim, Sunday, April 22, 2018.  The length of the swim is approximately 2 miles.  We will be swimming with the ebb, which will make that 2 miles go by a little faster. Here’s the timing: Sign in               5:45 am- …Read More »
  • 2018 Dick Beeler Crazy Cove

    March 30, 2018 The Dick Beeler Crazy Cove required partners to finish together, to pick up Easter eggs at each of 5 stations around the cove and return with them to the beach. All of the teams completed the tasks: only order of finish was captured. Pilots: Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Mickey Lavelle, Thomas McCall, …Read More »
  • Crazy Cove Swim – Saturday, March 31

    The swimmer sign up sheet has been posted for the CRAZY Cove swim on Saturday March 31! Come prepared for some silliness… Here’s the timing: Check-in                         7:30-8:15 Swim/Pilot Briefing     8:25 Jump                     …Read More »
  • Yacht Harbor swim results

    March 17, 2018 A wonderful swim, about 1.5 miles or 6 squares to round out Polar Bear miles, in lovely conditions.  Congratulations to all, and thanks, as always, to the pilots and Swim Commissioners. Pilots: Marcus Auerbuch, Eduardo Barranco, Jon Bielinski, Lindzy Bivings, John Blackman, Barry Christian, Gordon Civetz, Charlie Cross, Tim Dumm, Pauline Farmer, …Read More »
  • Yacht Harbor Swim – Saturday, March 17

    Sign-up sheets are up for the Yacht Harbor swim, Saturday March 17.  (Pilot Sign Up sheet will be posted by 10 am Tuesday March 6). Here’s the timing: 8:00-8:45    Sign in 8:35              Pilot Briefing 8:50              Swim briefing 9:10         …Read More »
  • 2018 Pier 39 Swim Results

    February 23, 2018 Pilots: Marcus Auerbuch, Natazha Bernie, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Charlie Cross, Cedric Delvaux, Paul DuBois, Tim Dumm, Jim Frew, Brian Kiernan, Aniko Kurczinak, John Marsh, Connie Mittendorf, Andrea Morgan, Rob Nikzad, Joseph Omran, Holly Reed, John Robiola, Scott Stark, Ryan Utsumi, Diane Walton, David Zovickian Helpers: Andrea Allen, Dean Badessa, Michael Barber, …Read More »